The Sweetest Melody ! Beautifull melody !

Tiki Jade sings the invisible but perceptible presence of the loved ones who are no longer among us. Words touch what is uncertain on trust, they form bonds which challenge the absolute and tragic separation with the deceased loved one. The common experience of the human destiny confronted to the absence or the separation wouldn’t be seen as tragic when… Read more →

clip officiel de Dear Poppa Mandela version acoustique !


Voici le clip officiel de  Dear Poppa Mandela version acoustiquvlcsnap-2016-03-14-11h09m49s213e !

Un chant qui parle à Madiba  et  à son éternelle présence. Un chant qui caresse le cœur à celui qui sait entendre !vlcsnap-2016-03-14-11h25m12s980 - Copie

Here the official clip of the acoustic version of Dear Poppa Mandela.

A heartfelt singing talking to Madiba and his eternal presence. Sweet and deep vibration ! Bless and love